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Tami Tackles Everything

Dec 17, 2019

This week, I am joined by Dr. Kimani Borland. She is a licensed naturopathic doctor who gracefully fuses the global healing arts & philosophies with science and conventional medical care. She is also a practitioner & teacher of Vinyasa Flow & Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Yoga. We talk about her journey into Naturopathic Medicine, what it is and who it is for. We touch on many topics like women’s health (including infertility, pregnancy, post partum care), digestive health, stress management as well as busting through so many myths around Naturopathy. She is a Naturopathic Doctor and Yoga Instructor with an unshakeable desire to empower people on their journey toward health.


Here’s a little bit more about her in her own words and taken from her website You can also follow her on Instagram @Dr.Kimani :


Hi, I’m Dr. Kimani and from a young age I’ve been surrounded by alternative healing modalities that have influenced my lifestyle and career interests.

I was born and raised in Jamaica, and researched and lived in Ethiopia & Tanzania, all uniquely adding to my diverse cultural understanding of medicine & wellness.

I decided to take my interest further and received a B.A in Human Biology and International Public Health from Stanford University in 2010. I also completed two yoga teacher trainings in Vinyasa Flow and Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) Yoga and have taught at multiple yoga studios and yoga conferences around the world.

After graduating, I continued my work in public health conducting research in Ethiopia and Jamaica with Stanford Health Policy, to understand the ways in which health and wellness is achieved throughout the world.

With a deep commitment to yoga and keen interest in its scientific basis, I also worked under the guidance of the director of the Division of Clinical Anatomy at Stanford Medical School to study the mechanisms through which yoga improves the symptoms and progression of musculoskeletal disorders.

My educational path culminated in a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in 2018 where I was able to hone in on my clinical interests: all aspects of primary care, prevention and wellbeing using herbs, nutrition and lifestyle & perspective shifts. I have a strong passion for Women’s Health, Cardiovascular Care, Digestive Wellness, Cancer Support & Stress Management.